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Because the superficial and deep layers of temporal fascia attach to each other and to the frontal pericranium at the STL, it is not possible to fold the interfascial-subpericranial flap forward if these layers remain attached to the STL. Extratemporally, the facial nerve separates into two main branches at the pes anserinus: This amounted to an overall rate of 1. Cervical branch The limited interest in studying the course and distribution of the cervical branch may be due to its low rates of injury and the insignificant functional consequence of paralysis of the platysma. It anastomoses with the superficial petrosal branch of the middle meningeal artery by a twig which enters the hiatus canalis facialis. Likewise, the prudent surgeon should be aware of the position of the ZN with respect to its location relative to the anterior edge of the parotid gland.
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Anatomic landmarks for localisation of the branches of the facial nerve

On the face, where it passes over the body of the mandible, it is comparatively superficial, lying immediately beneath the Platysma. It has been associated with the reactivation of herpes simplex type 1 in the geniculate ganglion, leading to inflammatory edema of the facial nerve [ 20 ]. The branches of the facial nerve cross the artery from behind forward. Paralysis caused by tumors may be preceded by facial twitching. Retromolar foramina are thought to occur in a significant percentage of the population. Incidence of positive aspiration in the Gow-Gates mandibular block. Madeira and colleagues demonstrated that 13 of 26 cadavers studied possessed a supplementary branch of the mylohyoid nerve.
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Mandibular Nerve Anomalies That Lead to Local Anesthesia Failures

All of these pathologies are discussed in detail below. In cases of large vestibular schwannomas, it can be difficult to distinguish between the facial nerve and the tumor on MRI. While many tools are used intraoperatively to reduce the risk of nerve injury, most surgeons continue to rely on anatomic landmarks for identification and protection of the facial nerve and its divisions. The Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery a. Due to its high rates of injury and significant functional morbidity following injury, the fronto-temporal branch FTN has been extensively studied. These dehiscences predispose the facial nerve to damage from inflammatory processes such as cholesteatoma and otitis media and are important to recognize prior to otologic surgery. Abstract Introduction Facial nerve injury may have devastating effects on function, aesthetics and the social interaction of the affected patients.
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Head and neck primaries may metastasize to intraparotid lymph nodes, which provide lymphatic drainage to the scalp, face, external auditory canal, and tympanic membrane. The Meningeal Branch ramus meningeus; dural branch ascends with the internal jugular vein, and enters the skull through the jugular foramen and condyloid canal, to supply the dura mater in the posterior fossa. Therefore, when choosing a landmark for localising the FTN, it may be more accurate to rely on measurements made from fixed bony landmarks such as the zygomatic arch, porion and zygomatic sutures. Paragangliomas are highly vascular tumors that originate in the paraganglionic tissue of the carotid bifurcation carotid body tumors , jugular foramen glomus jugulare , vagus nerve glomus vagale , and tympanic plexus on the promontory glomus tympanicum. Conclusions The interfascial-subpericranial and subfascial-subpericranial techniques, when accurately completed and with continuity of the temporal fascia, frontal pericranium, and the nerves across the STL maintained, will preserve the innervation of the frontalis muscle. At the tip of the tongue, it is said to anastomose with the artery of the opposite side, but this is denied by Hyrtl. High-resolution T2-weighted or CISS images can directly visualize the vascular loop and compressed facial nerve Figure
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