Rabbit with dirty anus

If your rabbit starts producing mishapen or small very dark faecal pellets it may indicate that not enough food is passing through the gastrointestinal tract. They should be relatively spherical, somewhat dry and friable, and composed mostly of undigested fiber. It is only when their populations grow abnormally that enterotoxemia occurs. Fly strike in rabbits. Flystrike is caused by maggots burrowing into flesh around the rabbit's anus. It was fine one day, but there was a storm that night and the poor bunny had an upset tummy.
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Fly Strike In Rabbits

Symptoms include uneven, heavy breathing, a hunched posture, sitting in a corner, and a runny nose. Just keep her on whatever rabbit food she was on when you got her. Just read your OP back, Zoot - if your bunny is only young, don't feed her with any fresh food other than hay. Fly strike is a rather disgusting condition that rabbits are unfortunately prone to suffering from during the warmer months, and rabbits are most at risk from the condition when the weather heats up and flies become active in large numbers, seeking new places to lay their eggs. If the soft cecotropes return no matter what brand you feed, then you may have a rabbit that simply cannot tolerate pellets. This is another disease that was introduced into wild rabbits as a way of controlling their numbers.
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Rabbit poop - WabbitWiki

She has been on dried food since we had her with a little carrot. If teeth with malocclusion are allowed to grow, the rabbit loses its ability to eat, or to eat with comfort. Not only is the condition messy, but there is a concern that the rabbit may be missing vital nutrition if he cannot eat the cecotropes. VetRx Rabbit Remedy can also help with ear mites and ear cankers. True diarrhea in a rabbit is a sign of a serious and often fatal condition. The virus is thought to be spread by contact with infected rabbits but also by aerosol, birds and objects that the rabbit may come in contact with. Infested rabbits may have slight hair loss, scales dandruff , itching and possibly some thickening of the skin.
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Fruit, as healthy as it is for humans, can be too much of a good thing for rabbits. If the soft cecotropes return no matter what brand you feed, then you may have a rabbit that simply cannot tolerate pellets. Intestial Parasites As mentioned before, coccidial infection is very common in some areas, and some vets will simply treat a baby rabbit's diarrhea as coccidia, even without a fecal test. Obviously rabbits can be affected by many more ailments than we have covered here, but whatever the cause, we are always on hand to answer an queries or concerns you may have about your rabbit. Tips Rabbits like to keep themselves clean, and will enjoy being able to spend time with you. Other, more uncommon causes of ISS include: Bunnies cannot tolerate human foods and sugar is not digestible for them.
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